The Various Gambling and Betting Systems

As an online gambler, you may have already heard of betting systems that promise to improve your chances of winning. You may have even bought a betting system from the bookstore or from the Internet. Just what are betting systems and how can they help you in your gambling?

Betting systems are strategies that attempt to predict the outcome of a game using mathematics, more specifically, probability. These systems involve placing or making the right bets - where and when to make them and how much to bet. There are several situations where betting systems are useful. Knowing what betting system to use for a particular game and when to use them can vastly increase your chances of winning.

The common betting systems used by most gamblers are the Martingale System, the Regressions System and the Roulette Thirds System.

The Martingale System is one of the oldest and easiest betting systems available. This betting system involves placing a small bet and doubling the bet amount after each loss. For example, you start with $10 as your initial bet amount. When and if you lose the game or round, you double your bet to $20, then to $40, then to $80, and so on until you finally win. This system is effective for some gamblers because a win will allow them to recover their previous money losses, since winning with an $80 bet, for example, will make up for the $70 total that was lost in previous bets.

One major drawback of the Martingale System is the fact that it can quickly consume your entire bankroll if you keep on betting without ever winning. Unless your bankroll is very big or unlimited, you can instead use the Reverse Martingale System and double your bet after every win.

The Regressions System involves decreasing your bet by a unit after your first win and increasing your bet by one unit after the second win, and so on. This system is not as costly as the Martingale System since the bets are smaller and is better than placing the same bet amounts throughout the entire betting session.

The Roulette Thirds System is a system based on the law of averages or the law of thirds. This law states that one-third of all spins will hit multiple times. This means that you have to first observe the outcome of 5 or 6 spins before placing a bet. If you use this system, start with small amounts as the law of thirds does not work in all situations.

These betting systems have been proven to be effective in some cases, but not all. Remember that games of chance like roulette or slots are not based on mathematics but on pure luck and chance. There's no harm in using these systems if you have a large bankroll to start with. Use these betting systems in conjunction with other more effective strategies and you will soon be making a profit from your online gambling activities.