Martingale/Antimartingale Roulette Betting Systems

You may have discovered that there are many betting systems with regards to roulette and other casino games. Among the famous betting systems of roulette are the Martingale and Antimartingale.

The betting system of Martingale is described as: You double your roulette bets whenever you lose. If ever you win, go back again to your initial bet.

To illustrate the concept: You play roulette and your bet is one coin, then you lose. So, you must bet again, but now with two coins and lose again. Then you bet again with four coins and this time, you win. To sum it all, you have won an extra coin of the betting series you made.

There are many roulette players that take advantage of the Martingale betting system, but there are other roulette players that don't use the Martingale betting system because it requires a very high roulette bankroll.

For a series of five long losing spins, you must have 63 coins in your bankroll and more if you series of losing spins are even longer. An issue of concern with regards to this situation is that before you can play roulette, you must see to it that the roulette table has a high range of betting boundaries. Roulette players who use the Martingale betting system increase their risk of losing because their bets will continue to rise as long as they continue to lose.

The Antimartingale betting system is defined as: Double your bets if you win, when you lose, go back to your initial bet.

To illustrate the concept: You play roulette and your initial bet is one coin and you win. You bet again with two coins, and you still win. That's how the betting system goes. But you must have a limit as to how much will be your biggest bet like up to four coins or eight coins. If you have reached your betting limit in roulette, go back again to your initial bet.

The Antimartingale betting system is considered to better than the Martingale betting system. The advantages are roulette players do not need to have a bankroll boundary and the odds of winning will be maximized. Many professional players of roulette prefer to use the Antimartingale betting system than the others.

In playing roulette, it is still your choice as to which of the many betting systems you are going to apply in your game. It is significant that you choose the right betting system with no emotions attached and self-control is an important factor in gambling. Know when to stop playing and always remember that roulette is a game that will definitely give you pleasure and enjoyment not bankruptcy.