Betting System Types

With the outbreak of online casinos, many players have tried to use several winning systems in the hope of hitting the jackpot. Some players swear that the method they use work while others attest to being able to develop their own systems. Although online gambling is slightly different from its land based counterpart, many of the core rules and payout schemes are still intact.

The following online gambling systems are very important to keep in mind when betting online.

Positive progression betting system

In this type of money management system, one can increase ones bet when they win. This is also commonly known as the "let it ride" method. This is a favorite among many casino gambles for it does not require a player to have a large bankroll to begin with. Players who use this system look out and take advantage of any winning streak that occurs.

Negative progression betting system

In the negative progression system, players can increase their winnings when losing. This type of system does require players to have a large bankroll to begin with. Players use this method to force an winning situation from a losing situation or losing streak. This method is very risky and should be avoided.

Insurance betting system

These types of systems can be used when players decrease the amount of the bet when winning, but must be following a high initial bet or even after follwing a "let it ride" bet system. "Playing it safe" is the key term for this system.

There are other betting systems that can be used for online gaming and these systems have their preferred game and style.

Parlay System It is a system used primarily on horse betting. The Parley system offers the least amount of risk because the player is only concerned with the end result of the game. It is either a loss, a win, or a combination. Parley system is one of the oldest betting systems in the world.

Paroli System The Paroli system is a positive betting system that increases the bet or amount when winning. This system has been dubbed as the Anti-Martingale system. In this system, one starts with one bet and increases it after winning instead of the losing, which is the method of the Martingale system. The advantage of using this system enables players to start with a small payroll and can give the option of players to cut losses if needed.

D'Alenbert system This is a combination of a negative progression and insurance system. It is a combination of the Martingale and Insurance systems. One can raise one bet unit after every losing bet and lower down one bet after each winning bet. The advantage of the system is to use the sequence of plays to increase the amount or lower it to fit the odds against the player.

Some players have sworn to some of the systems but it really depends on how the player can use them to ones best advantage and playing style. One should experiment with the systems before deciding which one to use.